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Alchemy in Norrath

Alchemy is the fine art of transforming one substance into another. We bubble and boil, decant and distill, emulsify and extract. We create several bottled items, some which can be drunk but are not drinks in the the traditional sense. Others items can be applied for more damage or included in crafting to meld items together or imbue them with great effect.

Alchemy has four main products: Essences (for fighters to enhance their skills), Poisons (for swashbucklers, brigands, rangers, and assassins to apply to their weapons), Potions (usable by all for a variety of effects), and Adornments (to add to equipment). Highly skilled (level 70+) Alchemists who have done a quest can also 'distill' dusts from lower levels into higher level ones.

Poison and Potion combined chart

Updates for Rise of Kunark are in progress. Several pages have already been edited with more to come as I have time and motivation. All the "normal" potions and poisons are up. It's the faction recipes and the quest related things I don't :)

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This site was conceived of and created by a collaboration of the players of Shader (formerly of Antonia Bayle and then Venekor under another name but no longer playing *sniffle*) and Rijacki (of Antonia Bayle, with a brief sojourn on Guk and now with an analogue on Venekor and a derivitive on Guk *laugh*). The site is now wholy maintained and updated by the player of Rijacki with some assistance, in the past, from other alchemists and other players (to whom she is eternally grateful). The site is intended to have a blend of roleplay as well as out of character data on mechanics. I hope you enjoy the site and find the information here helpful. Updates occur when Rijacki's real life schedule allows.

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For information on real alchemy throughout the centuries, start with The Alchemy Website or search using Google or some other search engine.

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Poison and Potion combined chart (only post LU#24 items listed, updates for T8 are in progress)

Pre-LU#24 Poison and Potion combined chart (includes T7 pre-LU#24, purely for archival purposes)

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