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Alchemist crafted potions can enhance any adventure's travails. They have many effects which are beneficial to their users. All potions can be used from either the charm slot or your inventory bags. (Right-click and select "use" or double-click unless that's been disabled in your UI options).

Potions are colour coded for which effects can overlap. Those of the same colour cannot be used at the same time (includes recast timers). All potions have a casting time (the time it takes to drink), recovery time (the time until you can drink another potion of a -different- category), duration (the maximum time it will last), and recast time (how long until you can use another potion of the -same- category). The casting time and recovery time are shorter on some rare potions than their common counterparts making it possible to use rare potions faster than common.

Not all potion types or categories are available for all tiers of crafting.
Some potions may only be available in the rare form.

While mixing potions, take great care to the purity of your ingredients. Disasterous effects can befall one who uses substandard preparation. All potions are made by combining 1 harvested loam (commone) or "dust" (rare), 1 harvested root, 1 harvested soft metal, and a number of feul (how many fuel varies by tier). For the specific names of the items, fuel, and the number of fuel, refer to the comparison page. All potion recipes create up to 10 single dose (stack to 20) vials.


The remedy potions can give you instant relief from a magical effect that's been placed on you. If it doesn't completely cure you (remove the icon of the "state" effect), it may still reduce the duration or damaging effect. The casting time is 1 second for common and 0.8 second for rare and can be interrupted but the effect is instant. The recast is 15 seconds, so you can use them often.


The heal potions come in four varieties: instant heal, regeneration, ward, and freedom. The casting time, duration, and recast times are different between the varieties. Basically, which ever one was the last you used, that's the recast time until you can use another of this category. Thus, plan wisely for your sequence of use. (For the times, if there is a split number x/y: x = common, y = rare)


The buff potions can give you a boost. Just as with heals, this category has varying timers depending on the specific type.

Comparisons of Potions (common to rare to NPC sold to quest rewards) including crafting levels

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tier 1 (levels 0-9)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 2 (levels 10-19)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 3 (levels 20-29)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 4 (levels 30-39)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 5 (levels 40-49)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 6 (levels 50-59)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 7 (levels 60-69)
Screenshots of Potions
tier 8 (levels 70-80)
Screenshots of Potions

Poison and Potion combined chart

NOTE: These pages show only the potions crafted post LU#24 (6/14/06). Potions crafted prior to that date for T1 to T6 have different names and effects. The recipes for potions craftable prior to LU#24 are no longer available.

Pre-LU#24 Poison and Potion combined chart (includes T7)

Updated 11/23/07