These guides are under construction. Some links to external sites which have similar information until alchemy specific information can be annotated.

This portion of my journal pertains to two interlinked concepts: The Process of Crafting and How to Use Alchemical Goods.

Crafting - Making the Poisons, Potions, and Essences as an Alchemist

Crafting, that's the process we need to do in order to make anything. To craft, you will need an alchemy table, various harvested items, fuel, and time. The table is easy, you can use one which is set up for public use or buy your own for private alchemical experimentation.

Using Alchemical Goods for Scouts (poisons) and Everyone (potions)

Four classes of scout (swashbucklers, brigands, assassins, and rangers) are able to apply alchemical concoctions to their blades to be more effective in battles against a wide range of foes. Everyone can use potions to give them that little bit of edge while adventuring.