Everquest II Poisons

Tier 1 (levels 1 to 9)

Crafted poisons with the same colour icon share the same timers. Crafted poisons with icons of different colours can be used simultaneously. NPC sold poisons (damage only) will not stack with crafted damage poisons. NPC bought Poison does not follow the same "pattern" as crafted.

Common (Lesser) Recipe: 1 Leaded Loam, 1 Raw Lead, 1 Raw Roots, 1 candle
Rare (Neophyte) Recipe: 1 Flickering Dust*, 1 Raw Lead, 1 Raw Roots, 1 candle
*Dust is created from crafting an Adept III (rune, scroll, or essence).

Crafting Levels

The screenshots on this page with a red border are provided by Occidio of Nagafen. They were as viewed by these stats shown here.
CommonRareNPC Sold

Crafting Level 5

Crafting Level 8

Crafting Level 5
not in T1

   Crafting Levels of all Tier 1 Alchemy Recipes

NOTE: This page shows only the poisons craftable post LU#24 (6/14/06). Poisons crafted prior to that date have different names and effects. The recipes for potions and poisons craftable prior to LU#24 are no longer available.

Poison and Potion combined chart (only post LU#24 items listed)

Pre-LU#24 Poison and Potion combined chart (includes T7 pre-LU#24)

Updated 6/16/06