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Harvesting for Alchemy

Since other excellent guides give an overview of all harvesting in Norrath, this guide focused solely on those harvests an alchemist would use in his or her crafting.

Since the recent changes (LU#24 - 6/14/06), stocking up on components for alchemy has become very easy. No more do we have over a dozen different harvests to keep track of, a plethora of refines and interims to manage, now jsut FOUR common harvests, no refines, no interims, no solutions or suspensions.

How to Harvest

Harvesting is pretty easy. Find a node hover you hand over it (mouse over) and then simply grab it (double-click or right-click and select harvest or press the F key on your keyboard) or, if you have the node targeted, you can use the appropriate skill from your Book of Knowledge.

BUT... you need skill in order to harvest and where you can harvest depends on the skill you have. The harvest areas are adventure zones and follow the same level ranges (commonly called tiers) for the harvest goods for the tradeskills. In other words, if you are doing level 12 crafting (T2), you will want to harvest in Antonica or the Commonlands because they are mostly level 10 to 19 (T2) adventure areas. Each area of a tier will have a minimum skill requirement. (location lists gleaned from EQ2Traders)

Not all areas will have all nodes.
TierMinimum SkillQeynos AreasFreeport Areas
1 none Queen's Colony, Forest Ruins, Oakmyst Fores, the Caves, and the Peat Bog. Outpost of the Overlord, , the Ruins, the Sunken City, the Sprawl, the Graveyard
2 20 Antonica, Commonlands, Vale of Shattering
3 90 Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Zarvonn's Tower
4 140 Enchanted Lands, Zek, Cove of Decay, Bloodskull Valley
5 190 Rivervale, Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm
6 240 Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame
7 250 Tenebrous Tangle, the Barrens, the Bonemire

Your skill increases by harvesting in areas that are close to your current skill. (Harvest skill is capped at 5xlevel, using your adventure or tradeskill level, which ever is higher. In other words, a level 27 wizard who is a level 52 alchemist has a harvest skill cap of 260 which is the same cap a level 52 dirge who is a level 25 jeweler would have.)

To speed up your gathering, talk to your local woodworker and get a harvesting tool made up. Haverst tools work with either your adventuring level or your tradeskill level. (Full views of the tools)


Obtaining the "dust" needed for rare potions and poitons isn't done through harvesting, it is a by product of crafting Adept III essences, runes, and scrolls made by Alchemists, Jewelers, and Sages. There is also a quest to obtain a recipe to combine lower level dusts into higher level ones (EQ2 Traders write-up).

TierDust TierDust
1 flickering dust   5 luminous dust
2 glowing dust   6 lambent dust
3 sparkling dust   7 scintillating dust
4 glimmering dust   8 smoldering dust

On to the harvesting!

Ore: Loam

Skill Icon
Tier Harvested Loam Node examples Node Names
1 leaded loam
2 salty loam
3 pliant loam
4 supple loam
5 bonded loam
6 soluble loam
7 porous loam
8 mineral salt loam

Alchemy Rares!

Alchemists can use only one harvested rare and the rare comes from the Ore rocks. That rare is a treasured loam. This rare is used for making Adept III essences. Note: Jewelers also use this harvest for making their Adept III runes.

TierAlchemist Rare TierAlchemist Rare
1 solidified loam   5 fused loam
2 alkaline loam   6 alkalai loam
3 malleable loam   7 spongy loam
4 ductile loam   8 silicate loam

For gathering up loam, you'll want a pick instead of clawing at the rocks with your bare hands.


Everyone needs roots, positively -everyone-. So, this is going to be the one harvest you will probably want to get on your own and not buy on the broker, if you want to be profitable, that is. The harvest nodes you're looking for generally look like, well, a huge root growing out of the ground and has a name relating to roots.

Skill Icon
Tier Harvested Root Node examples Node Names
1 roots
2 raw tubers
3 belladonna root
4 tussah roots
5 ashen roots
6 succulent roots
7 hanging roots

For gathering up roots, you'll want a shovel instead of dirtying up your bare hands.

Stone: Soft Metal and Gems

Skill Icon
Tier Soft Metal and Gem Node examples Node Names
1 rough malachite, lead cluster
2 electrum cluster, rough turquoise
3 gold cluster, rough agate
4 velium cluster, rough opaline
5 rough bloodstone, diamondine cluster
6 beryllium cluster, rough nacre
7 rough topaz, azurite cluster

For gathering up soft metal and gems, you'll want a pick instead of breaking a nail picking apart the stones.

Additional Notes

A few oddities or other important things you should be on the look out for..

Updated 11/23/07